Custom Kitchen Designer

Let our on-site kitchen specialists from Wolstencroft Kitchens help you design the kitchen of your dreams. At DeNoble Homes we recognize a well-designed kitchen is the heart and soul of your home and with over 25 years designing custom kitchens, one of Dave Wostencroft’s professional designers will meet with you to discuss your kitchen layout. They also can offer you many spectacular options resulting in a beautiful and functional kitchen that will give you years of enjoyment in your DeNoble home.

Custom Home Design

Vasco Jeronimo, with a degree in Architectural Technology and 29 years of experience in various roles within the housing industry, can offer you the benefit of his knowledge and experience. Having an architectural designer as part of the team, each plan can be easily customized to fit your requests. Whether it is the removal of a wall, making an opening wider, adding windows, or designing a finished basement, Vasco can quickly accommodate your requests. As the designer of each home offered, he knows the details of each design and can make suggestions to help turn your requests into reality. He can also offer you a completely customized design to meet your exact needs.

Smart Home Specialist

In modern design, ‘functionality’ requires that the home be wired with ‘Structured Media’ otherwise known as ‘Smart Wiring’. Our Technology Integrator, Dean Churchill from Brimar Contracting will help you customize your new home for services such as phone, data network, cable, satellite, and security. In addition, Dean also offers solutions for your new home such as LCD and Plasma Televisions, Home Theaters, Whole Home Sound and Integrated systems. Dean’s expertise in this area is exceptional and he will professionally guide you through all of the upgrade options available to every purchaser of a DeNoble home.

Lighting Specialist

At DeNoble Homes we offer our customers a ‘lighting budget’ that allows you to choose your own light fixtures from our long-time supplier – Eldon Lighting. The professionals at Eldon will help you to make decisions about the wide range of fixtures you can choose for your home in the comfort of their retail location. This is another way DeNoble Homes enables our customers to customize their home and save money by not having to replace a ‘builder grade’ light fixture.